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Mandarin Consulting Hosts UK Alumni Young Professional Career Talk Event in London

Mandarin Consulting Hosts UK Alumni Young Professional Career Talk Event in London

London, Monday, 28 October 2019. Mandarin Consulting, the global elite coaching industry leader, held an exclusive young professional career talk and networking event for UK MC Alumni at WeWork Hammersmith in London. The MC Global Alumni is a network of Mandarin Consulting’s successful graduates and postgraduates who have secured a job, completed an internship or graduate work placement, having benefitted from one of the Global Elite Coaching programmes offered by Mandarin Consulting.

Focusing on effective ways to deal with workplace challenges for Chinese global elites, Mandarin Consulting’s Founder, and CEO, Carrie Waley, and Director David Peckham, gave an inspirational talk and advice for successful career progression. Both speakers emphasised that for long-term career development, continuous learning and gaining new skills are essential for young professionals to achieve great career success. They also highlighted the importance of personal professional branding and the skills to learn to ensure optimum networking with colleagues and senior managers. After the discussion, the enthusiastic alumni were able to interact and network with Carrie, David and other like-minded professionals working in a wide range of global companies including Accenture, EY and Legal and General.

After the event, the alumni shared their top three key learnings which were, ‘be proactive, be curious and learn from your mistakes’. One of the UK Alumni, Eleanor Li commented, “I used to think getting a job offer is the most important thing. Once I’ve got it, everything will be brilliant. But from today’s seminar, I learnt that career success is a long-term learning path. Even after we successfully receive our dream offer, there will still be many challenges to deal with. Carrie and David’s talk really provided useful suggestions and advice to solve the problems in terms of working relationships and leadership. I really enjoyed the event.”

MC Alumnus Andy Cai said, “it was a fantastic evening to meet Carrie, David and all the other Alumni. Carrie and David’s career talk was really inspiring. They are knowledgeable and have a solid understanding in terms of career development. David used personal experience to demonstrate how we can best progress to standout in the company. Carrie, as an entrepreneur, shared her personal stories on how to deal with challenges if you want to start your own business. All the things I took away from the event can be applied to my future career. The event was a great success.”

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