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How To Research A Company: Top Tips On Gathering Information About Employers

Do you struggle with company research when you prepare for your job application? 
Do you know what information you should gather about employers?
Do you want how a thorough research of the company could help you stand out in the interview process?

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What Makes a Global Company a Great Place to Work?

Do you know why fresh graduates want to join a global company?
Do you know what makes a global company great? Why it is a great place to work?
Do you want to have a taste of what life is like working in a global company?

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MC Alumni Experience Sharing: The Importance of Career Planning for Long-term Development

Do you know why career planning is important for launching a global career?
Do you want to know how to figure out your career interest?
Do you want to listen to successful candidates’ experience sharing to get first-hand information? 

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New Normal: How the Pandemic Changed and Will Change the Global Market

Do you know what is the New Normal in the future?
Do you want to know how the pandemic changed the global market?
Do you want to know what will be the new change to the future market?

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How To Tell An Unforgettable Personal Story That Will Impress The Employers

Do you know what is a good personal story during application process?
Do you want to know how to dig into personal experience to formulate an impressive story? 

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Commercial Awareness – Why Is It Important For Global Career Success

Do you know what is Commercial Awareness?

Do you want to know why commercial awareness is so important and how to gain it in daily life?

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Insights Into Opportunities in HR Industry

Do you want to know what jobs included in HR industry?

Do you want to be part of the industry and know more about the opportunities?

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MC Alumna Shares Her Experience of Applying to Shell and Working in the UK

Do you want to know more about energy industry?

During the event, you will gain more insight of applying jobs and working in UK.

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Meet MC Global Elite Coaches from Media Industry

Do you want to know more about media industry?

Do you want to have more insight of media industry and know the qualities that industry need?

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The Magic of Mindset – How to Manage and Master Your Emotions During Anxious Times

Throughout the event, you will understand the magic of mindset and the key to manage and master your emotions during anxious time.

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