Global Elite Coaching

Global Elite Coaching

Our Global Elite Coaching Programmes help you through each part of the job application process and beyond, and are supported by our large team of highly experienced, international professionals.

Our programmes assist you with all areas of career development, helping you gain strong business knowledge and personal skills. These will not only form an essential part in helping you get a top internship or job offer, they will also be the basis for a successful career as a future global elite, wherever you are.



Our Global Elite Career Coaching Packages help graduates and students to have a better chance of getting jobs in international companies through a structured, tailor-made and one-to-one programme designed specifically for you individually.



Our Global Elite Career Progression Packages support professionals to progress and succeed in an international company and become a global elite through tailored cross-cultural executive coaching delivered by expert Western coaches.


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Mandarin Consulting delivers expert Global Elite Coaching support to help students become a future global elite, gain job and internship opportunities in the UK, US, China and beyond since 2007.

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Our Success Stories

I only started applying for jobs after finishing my Master’s degree, when I only had 2 months left on my visa. But, this was not an excuse to not try and get a job.

I followed coaches’ instructions and advice thoroughly, utilised my coaching sessions fully, did my homework and asked many questions. It is never too early, nor too late. The coaches were really great, they gave me so much help and encouragement!

J. He

J. He


After graduation, I started my another journey as job seeker. Like almost graduates, I also felt helpless on direction for both life and career. I like one quote: If opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a door. Mandarin consulting is such door. I appreciate the experience and coaching session at Mandarin Consulting, which rebuilt my self-confidence and made me fully prepared for each interview and challenge.  

L. Guang

L. Guang



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Sarah Olsen

UK Deputy Head Coach

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Sally Patterson

Senior Coach and UK Deputy Head Programme Management

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Amy-Louise Goldberg

Head of Coaching and Talent Management - US

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Eric Waley


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