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Cross-Cultural Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Coaching Hours: 40 hours
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As global business opportunities increase and the Chinese economy develops closer links with the rest of the world, if you are an ambitious Chinese professional, you will need essential knowledge and skills to achieve business success. Cross-cultural Business Coaching provides information, understanding and skills building to help you build a successful business. The cross-cultural element is contained within all topics we coach and may also include, for example, coaching for organisations working or aiming to work across national and cultural borders or for new businesses using successful global business models in a new market.

If you are running a business you will find this rewarding and also challenging. You will need essential cross-cultural knowledge and skills in many areas including:

  • Building a cross-cultural understanding of Western business
  • Developing a clear business strategy and implementing it
  • Financing your business – looking at ways to raise money
  • Understanding different business functions and how to put them in place and run them
  • Finding the right people to form a successful team
  • Understanding and managing risks
  • Marketing and planning effectively to make your business grow profitably
  • Dealing with problems and setbacks by developing commercial knowledge and personal skills

You will find multiple demands on your time, so it is really important to get the right support and expertise. Our expert coaching works with your individual circumstances to make real change happen.


Our Offer to You

Our Western coaches will coach entrepreneurs from a non-Western background to develop their business and personal skills and cross-cultural awareness, including understanding the market, the competition and dealing with different business relationships. Our coaches will coach entrepreneurs to develop the mind-set and skills needed so you can start and run a successful business.

As you work with one of our Business Coaches, not only will you focus on your business and personal growth, you will discover new strategies for success, aimed at helping you make better and clearer decisions.

Our service is tailored to you and you will be supported with practical business issues, challenges and questions, as you start a business or are already running a business.

Not only is your coach an invaluable sounding board, but also a useful source of information and inspiration, helping you generate new opportunities and ideas and deal with cultural differences in business models, values, relationships, processes and goals.

Our Coaching Team

Mandarin Consulting has a unique pool of talented coaches who are ideally positioned to deliver expert coaching for your business. For over 12 years, Mandarin Consulting has been working with coaches who have strong commercial expertise and a wide range of business backgrounds including experience with start-ups and large, global corporations.

Mandarin Consulting’s highly skilled Global Elite coaching team has strong commercial expertise and expert thought leadership skills. Our coaches have business, entrepreneurial and management experience to support you with your own business. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries including Consulting, Banking, IT, Accounting, HR, Sales and Marketing, FMCG, Legal and Investment industries.

Our coaches are dedicated, highly skilled and knowledgeable about Western business, culture and practices. Most have lived and worked in several countries. All work with Chinese candidates and clients and have a good understanding of the cross-cultural challenges faced by individuals wanting to follow Western business models, methodologies and culture.

Business Coaching Package Content and Outline

Our Business Coaching package is a programme of coaching and skills development. This package suits business owners, entrepreneurs and those keen to enhance their practical business skills and cross-cultural awareness. Businesses in the West or China have common underlying principles and challenges and our coaches are well equipped to cover these.

You will work with our coaches to develop skills needed to work in a commercial environment and gain practical business knowledge needed to successfully run a business. You will also build an entrepreneurial mind-set and develop your personal skills, abilities and confidence.


Our Business Coaching package contains:

  • 1 to 1 Business Coaching from a coach chosen from our expert pool of carefully selected coaches
  • The opportunity to work with one coach or with several different coaches
  • Access to highly experienced coaches. All our coaches have previous practical experience either running their own businesses or supporting businesses
  • Coaching tailored to your individual business and individual needs
  • Support where you have challenges and concerns
  • Feedback on your ideas so you can make good decisions
  • Guidance on when to look for professional help from professional services providers
  • The benefit of on-going, 1-2-1 support throughout your journey of starting, running, developing and expanding your business


The range of topics that our Business Coaching can cover include:

  • Researching and generating ideas
  • Adapting to different cultural attitudes and behaviour
  • Business planning and strategy
  • Organisational structure
  • Key business functions and processes
  • Networking and team building
  • Budgeting, finance and funding
  • Company culture and values
  • Bringing in professionals and experts
  • Risk management
  • Design, testing and manufacture
  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer relationship management
  • Building confidence, resilience and leadership skills
  • Staff recruitment, training and development
  • Business growth and expansion

We look forward to working with you, discussing your individual needs and challenges and supporting you to achieve greater personal and business success.