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Giving Feedback  

If you have any comment on any service you had with us, please feel free to submit below


We will keep on making improvements wherever we can! In case of any concern or confusion, Customer Service will get in touch shortly to help (no information with be passed on internally without your consent).


Making a Complaint

We’re sorry to hear something about our service is making you unhappy. If it`s general feedback, please submit in the above section. If you have any serious complaint, please submit below.


When something has gone wrong, we want to know so that we can put it right as quickly as we can for you.

Our dedicated team are ready to listen and do everything possible to resolve any issue you might have. We will acknowledge your complaint in 2 days and complete any normal cases in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, for any enquiries, please contact us via the following details.

How we handle your complaint:


  • We treat every complaint on its merits, regardless of who has made the complaint.
  • We act honestly and treat all complaints fairly and with respect.


We recognise that your personal data is important to you, and we are committed to holding it safely, and using it appropriately. We maintain complaint records electronically. Where personally identifiable information is recorded it is used for the purpose of investigating and resolving a complaint, or dealing with the wider process in which the complaint was raised. It is stored and processed by Mandarin Consulting in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.