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Mandarin Consulting launches new Career Progression Coaching Programme for aspiring professionals

Mandarin Consulting launches new Career Progression Coaching Programme for aspiring professionals

London, 8 May 2019. Today, Mandarin Consulting is excited to announce that it has taken another bold step in its mission to change people’s lives with the launch of a brand new coaching programme, Career Progression Coaching 

Career Progression Coaching is aimed at people who are already in a job, and who aspire to achieve greater career success and become a global elite. It is a natural extension of Mandarin Consulting’s existing Global Elite Coaching programmes, which have successfully helped thousands of ambitious Chinese students launch their careers. Now, with the new coaching programme, the company’s global elite, and, highly experienced coaching team can advise aspiring Chinese professionals on how to progress further and succeed in their careers, helping them to become the next generation of global business leaders. 

Young professionals starting out on their careers may encounter many challenges within the workplace, dealing with clients, managing teams and coping with pressure. Others, who have been in their jobs for a while, maybe looking to advance their careers or pursue a career change. Mandarin Consulting’s Career Progression Coaching helps ambitious Chinese professionals overcome obstacles, progress quickly, make an impact, optimise their potential and improve their performance. It also offers guidance on how to achieve longer term career goals, either within an existing company, or, by making a career move. 

Career Progression Coaching provides executive coaching for career success as a global elite. 

Commenting on this pivotal new innovation, Mandarin Consulting’s, Founder and CEO Carrie Waley, said, “successful business leaders are those who continually learn and seize opportunities. Mandarin Consulting’s new Career Progression Coaching is a unique opportunity for aspiring Chinese professionals to grasp the chance to develop themselves and to succeed in their careers, learning from the expertise and experience of our global elite coaching team.” 

For more information, please visit https://www.mciworldwide.co.uk 


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Mandarin Consulting is the Global Elite coaching career industry leader, arguably offering the most comprehensive and effective cross-cultural career enhancement service for Chinese students, graduates and professionals. Mandarin Consulting’s mission is to change people’s lives. Our highly experienced Western coaches have helped thousands of ambitious Chinese students, graduates to secure positions in top-tier global firms and further supported them as working professionals, towards achieving their career goals. Strategically based in the UK, US and China, Mandarin Consulting provides worldwide Global Elite coaching, enabling our clients to succeed in the highly competitive, global job market for internships and post-graduate employment and achieve their aspirations to become global elites.