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Mandarin Consulting launches innovative Leadership Programme to empower employees

Mandarin Consulting launches innovative Leadership Programme to empower employees

London, Thursday, 21 February 2019, Global Mandarin Consulting today announced the launch of its internal training Leadership Programme, demonstrating the company’s continual commitment to improve and develop talents within. This exclusive programme has been specifically designed to equip the Mandarin Consulting leaders of today with the skills, knowledge and confidence to face the leadership challenges of tomorrow, including rapid growth and embracing change in disruptive business environments.

The Leadership Programme is based on the beliefs and ethos of Mandarin Consulting, embracing the company’s mission to change people’s lives, by changing and developing the lives of its own internal talent. The programme addresses the characteristics and competencies for leadership at every level and creates the legacy of learning for all. It includes five key areas including leadership, effective management, developing people and talent, personal development and recruitment. It will ensure that more and more ambitious talents in Mandarin Consulting gain the essential skills to become the leaders of the future, to enable the organisation to grow the range of its activities both operationally, and geographically.

The first module of the Leadership Programme, Leadership in Practice, was successfully delivered in workshops in London, and Manchester. Employees across regions and departments were brought together to learn, share and develop together. Carrie Waley, founder and CEO of Mandarin Consulting commented, “as a result of our new innovative leadership programme, all staff will actively participate in bringing their goals to life and confidently participate in their leadership responsibilities within the company”.


For more information, please visit https://www.mciworldwide.co.uk/leadership-programme/


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