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You can’t buy a job or an internship. Mandarin Consulting supports companies in condemnation of this misleading practice.

You can’t buy a job or an internship. Mandarin Consulting supports companies in condemnation of this misleading practice.

February 18th 2019, London. A spokesperson for Mandarin Consulting has confirmed that the company has recently been approached by an ‘agent’ offering Chinese university students internships with a list of selected companies, in return for a fee.  Mandarin Consulting immediately contacted and alerted three companies on the list. The three companies all have made it clear they do not cooperate with any agent selling a job with their companies and neither would they consider employing anyone who had bought a job or internship. The organisations were horrified that the names of their companies were on a list supplied by such an agent offering students internships in return for a fee. Two companies are now seeking legal advice to take action against the so called ‘agent’. This person was charging up to £2,500 in return for finding students internships with well-known companies.

One company on the internship list supplied by the agent, an international digital marketing agency, was upset to hear that someone was trying sell internships with their organisation. They said they had never heard of the man who was claiming he could arrange an internship with their firm and made it clear that the company does not use agencies to source internships.

There was a similar reaction from the CEO of Money Dashboard, the multi-award winning money app & budget planner. Steve Tigar, was particularly angered as his name had been given as the point of contact who could facilitate the internship. This, he said, was without his or the company’s permission, “I’m shocked.  I’ve raised this with our lawyers.” He added, “well done [Mandarin Consulting] for campaigning on this important issue!”

Other companies have also made it clear that they would only consider applicants if they used the company’s normal recruitment processes. This was reinforced by an international, luxury lifestyle group which was very concerned that anyone was trying to sell an internship with their organisation. The Head of HR said the company was seeking legal advice and that they would not sell internships under any circumstances.

Companies have urged anyone seeking an internship not to consider trying to buy a position.

Mandarin Consulting supports companies who are refusing to cooperate with people who set themselves up as ‘agents’ to sell internships with international organisations. Mandarin Consulting’s CEO, Carrie Waley has condemned such practices after someone approached her company offering to sell internships to our candidates. “You cannot buy success” she said. “No reputable, global organisation would ever consider employing anyone who had bought their way into their company. The only way to succeed in getting a job and becoming a future global elite is to go through the rigorous job recruitment process and for this you need to have the cross- cultural understanding and the skills global organisations are looking for.”


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