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Mandarin Consulting Global Elite Coaching – Mandarin Consulting’s continued commitment to inspire Chinese university students to be future global leaders

Mandarin Consulting Global Elite Coaching – Mandarin Consulting’s continued commitment to inspire Chinese university students to be future global leaders

London, Friday February 1st 2019. Global Mandarin Consulting today announced its commitment to embrace Global Elite coaching, inspiring Chinese university students to reach their potential, launch successful careers and become future professional, global elites.

Carrie Waley, founder and CEO declared: “On the auspicious occasion of Chinese New Year, we are delighted to share our exciting new milestone in the growth of global Mandarin Consulting. Since 2007, when I founded Mandarin Consulting, we have changed the lives of many Chinese university students, helping them to be successful and build their international careers. Mandarin Consulting is uniquely positioned, with its highly qualified coaching team, to offer the strong foundation of coaching and necessary skills thus enabling students to launch an international career, realise their potential and achieve their dream of becoming a future global elite. Our Mandarin Consulting Global Elite coaching offers the best cross-cultural coaching programmes to develop strong career and life skills and build confidence, all of which is needed if students are going to be successful in the job recruitment process today and become the future global leaders of tomorrow. Mandarin Consulting is arguably the only company in the world to coach global elites; all our coaches have the right attitude, mindset and expertise as elite professionals themselves.”

Mandarin Consulting’s cross-cultural coaching programme aims to prepare candidates for their future careers. Each package helps candidates develop transferable skills, which will allow them to succeed in the competitive job recruitment process and excel in their future working life. Students will, therefore, receive real, lifelong benefits from coaching through the Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Plus packages.  With the guidance of dedicated and experienced Western professionals with multi-industry experience, students can develop the cross-cultural understanding and all the skills necessary to realise their full potential and become future global elites.

For more information, please visit www.mciworldwide.co.uk


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Mandarin Consulting is the Global Elite coaching career industry leader, arguably offering the most comprehensive and effective cross-cultural career enhancement service for Chinese students and graduates. Mandarin Consulting’s mission is to change people’s lives. Our highly experienced Western coaches have helped thousands of ambitious Chinese students and graduates to secure positions in top-tier global firms. Strategically based in the UK, US and China, Mandarin Consulting provides worldwide Global Elite coaching, enabling our clients to succeed in the highly competitive, global job market for internships and post-graduate employment and aspire to become global elites.