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Mandarin Consulting hosts another inspirational Meet the Mentors event at the Oriental Club, London

Mandarin Consulting hosts another inspirational Meet the Mentors event at the Oriental Club, London

Mandarin Consulting was privileged to partner with the Hong Kong Society for the 6th successful Meet the Mentors dinner, giving the opportunity for aspiring Chinese graduates to meet leaders from global industries. More than thirty young professionals and students networked and sought advice from four career mentors within the banking, legal and financial services industries in the convivial atmosphere of the prestigious Oriental Club in London.

Sally Blyth [Patterson], UK Deputy Head, Programme Management of Mandarin Consulting and Mark Patterson, Non-executive Director of Mandarin Consulting chaired the panel discussion prior to the dinner, inspiring the audience to realise their own potential in their future careers.

The panel of mentors included Benjamin Crystal, Managing Director of UBS; Yao Song, Director at EY, M&A Tax; Richard Pike, Partner of the legal firm, Thrings; James Proudlock, a former Managing Director for JP Morgan and UBS and now the Managing Partner of Commodity Consultants. All the panelists had connections with Asia through their work and businesses.



The mentors contributed to an insightful and lively discussion whilst giving advice on how they have progressed in their own careers. This provoked some thoughtful and impressive questions from the attendees.

Yao Song said afterwards, “It felt very fulfilling personally for me to share my journey with budding students and graduates. I can’t imagine a more worthwhile reason to have spent my time.”

The audience gained a deeper understanding of the key attributes global companies look for when they are recruiting young executives and graduates and was given valuable career advice such as the importance of resilience and cross-cultural understanding.

Testament to such a successful event, the evening continued long after the dinner had concluded in one of the glamorous rooms of the Oriental Club.

The mentees all came away enlivened and motivated by the rich conversation inspired by the mentors. Mentees have provided positive feedback demonstrating their appreciation of the evening.

X.Li, one of the mentees commented, “I was thinking if the event is worth for me to go because there was a train issue on the day and London is far from me. However, I am grateful that I attended the event. I was feeling inspired and fulfilled. From the experiences shared by mentors, I now have a clear picture of my future career path. I found the best way to prepare myself for the future career and understood the challenges that I may encounter. It was a great event and I will attend again if there are similar events in the future! You can not only learn from mentors, but you can also get to know more friends and exchange experiences with each other. You will discover another you once you stand out from your comfort zone and learn more than you expected.”

Another mentee, M. Qin, has also shared her experience, “through the entertaining and informative speeches by the mentors, I was inspired to unlock my inner potential, giving the tools to pave my own career path. Featuring internationally acclaimed motivational mentors, led by Sally and Mark, the event was entertaining, energetic, exciting and educational. Each speech has been designed to fuel attendees’ inner drive, giving them the passion and motivation to achieve beyond their dreams and goals. The skills that I acquired at this event will impact my business acumen, relationships and personal development.”