Success Stories


Y. Wu to Flora Moxon - Jaguar Land Rover, Michael Page and HSBC

Dear Flora,


Hope you are all well!


I am so excited to tell you that I received the offer from HSBC commercial banking. I have to say thank you for your constantly effort and patience on my career path. The inspiration as well as the knowledge you brought will be significant not only for my job hunting period but also for my whole life. You guided me how to express my random ideas in structure, how to response in different circumstances, how to investigate the key information of various companies, which helped me gain lots of interviews, assessment centers and of course, two offers so far from Jaguar and Land Rover and HSBC. I cannot imagine I can achieve where I am right now without you. I really appreciate what you have done and hope I can write this thanks email again for my Santander’s offer 🙂


Kind Regards,