Success Stories


W Luo to Flora Moxon - SiriusDecisions

Hi Flora,

I would like to share the good news with you in terms of my internships. I received an offer from Sirius Decisions as a year internship opportunity in Stains. Thank you so much for helping me along with the whole interview processes.

To be honest, I almost gave up finding the placement, as I started to look for the whole year internship quite late in the end June. And I was not confident for getting this job. Because of your kindly help and patience, I decided to give it go as my final opportunity. As a result, I behaved well during the interview.

Thank you so much for your help again. You always exceeding the coaching time for me for over 20 minutes and been patience for my questions and my answers during each sessions. In addition, there was a time that I did not papered well, you volunteered an extra session for me based on your schedule.  Frankly, without your generous help, I couldn’t gain such an amazing opportunity at the end in terms of such a great company for Marketing Assistant role. Thanks a lot.


Kind regards & Many thanks.

W. Luo