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Qinxi - JP Morgan. Internship and GS.English

1) How did you hear about our service?
I attended a workshop held by Mandarin Consulting at Cass Business School and got to know the services provided by Mandarin Consulting.

2) What made you joined our programme?
I really want to work in London after graduation, so I joined Mandarin Consulting, hoping to get help from them.

3) What was your objective when you joined our programme?
I hoped to find a job or an internship in London when I joined the programme.

4) What difficulties you went through before you joined our programme?
I found it difficult to complete application forms before joining the programme.

5) How have our programme helped you?
I benefited a lot from Mandarin Consulting. I couldn’t get an offer without their help
At the very beginning, I studied the whole process of application from the one-day workshop held by Mandarin Consulting. After that, I had my CV and application forms revised by the consultants. From the feedback, I learned how to answer open questions and how to make my answer specific to the company and to the role I applied for. Next, at the telephone interview stage, I got one to one coaching with a very professional, intelligent and dedicated senior career coach. He not only helped me restructure my answers to the interview questions, but also helped me identify my strengths, which built my confidence for the telephone interviews. At the last stage of assessment centre, he trained me on case studies and helped me prepare for every question that might come out on the assessment day.
Moreover, from the beginning when I joined Mandarin Consulting, I had a personal coach, who helped me throughout the application process on job searching strategy, improving business English, assessment center advice, etc. She always encouraged me, and I did get a lot of confidence every time I talked to her. She made me feel like I was more than a customer.

6) What do you want to share with others about job applications in the UK? Stick to perhaps 3 key points.
1. Apply as early as possible. But don’t panic if you start late. There are lots of opportunities out there.

2. Be motivated. Put 100% energy to the job-hunting process. Don’t stop applying until you get an offer.

3. Do exactly what Mandarin Consulting tells you. If you can meet their standards, you will get an offer sooner or later.