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Qin - Accounting and Finance. GS

I heard about Mandarin Consulting (MC) from one of my good friends. I was trading at the time and I thought I would get a job as a trader in one of big investment banks with the assistance of MC, but after consulting with the senior coaches at Mandarin Consulting, it turned out that my future career options were much wider and more flexible. I therefore joined Mandarin Consulting’s Career Coaching Programme.

Before I joined MC, I had made two applications to graduate schemes in the financial services sector, both had failed. After I joined MC and following their procedures I made an application to a leading accountancy firm, I got an interview very quickly. I also applied to a few other graduate schemes. During these applications, MC referred me to a very interesting position in a well-established accountancy firm to help them to do business development and also train to be an accountant.

I had to attend an interview with the partners from the firm and I received intensive coaching from MC before I went. The interview was quite specific, not the same as usual graduate scheme applications. I had to demonstrate my motivation and interest in the accountancy sector but also had demonstrate my ability and potential to carry out business development work. In fact I had two partner interviews with the firm and I found the interview coaching by the coach at MC very informative and useful. We discussed technical questions relating to business development, such as how to get clients, how to make cold calls and the business plan. The discussion I had with the coach inspired and enabled me to perform well during the interviews. The whole MC team was very efficient, the effective arrangement of my interviews made the whole process go smoothly and, please allow me to take this opportunity to thank them.