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D Li RBS - PwC and FDM Group

各位Mandarin Consulting(MC)的小伙伴们,大家好。我今年很幸运地收到了RBS,PwC和FDM Group 三家的录取通知书。

我是于 LSE 硕士毕业的时候加入的梦达琳。那时候由于英国移民政策不断紧缩,毕业生就业市场一直很不乐观。然而,在 MC 的指导下,我意识到申请大公司的 Graduate Schemes 算是比较理想的出路。他们不但能提供更有保障的薪水和职业培训,更能担保赞助国际学生的签证问题。

梦达琳不仅正确地引导了我的工作申请方向,还不断在申请的每个环节中针对进行培训。从一对一谈话发现最适合我的行业和公司,到修改申请表格中的open questions,到准备电话面试,再到最后的 Assessment Day 每项 task 的剖析,MC 都在我的成功之路上助推了一把。

MC 培训中最棒最精华的就是导师们。他们每个人都在行业中有资深经历,并深谙中英文化差距,所以能更好地理解中国学生申请工作的难处,并给于鼓励和帮助。接受培训的这段时间,我和其中几位导师建立了良好的关系。在得知我拿到录取后,他们不但送来了祝贺,更给于我超出他们本职责任的就业建议。作为过来人,他们的经验尤其珍贵,但更令我感动的是他们对我的关心,早已超过了这个培训项目本身。我相信,他们将是每个加入项目小伙伴的良师益友,更是我们最大的财富。


不过如果你能够努力地完成 MC 培训中布置的任务,并保持积极主动的态度和永不放弃的决心,我相信最终你也能如愿以偿拿到梦想中的录取通知书!

Hello everyone! I’m a lucky candidate received job offers from RBS, PwC and FDM Group this year

I joined Mandarin Consulting (MC) since graduated from LSE. At that moment, the UK graduate employment market for international students was not easy. Fortunately, thanks to MC, I realised that I should target graduate schemes of high profile international companies. They can sponsor visa, provide training and satisfactory salary, which are apparently the best way out for all of us.

MC has expanded my horizons regarding to graduate programmes, from understanding what industry/ companies best suit me the best, to filling in different questions in the application forms,to practising for telephone interviews, to how to behave in the assessment centres. When I look back at what I’ve gained from MC, these experiences and know-how are critical to my success.

The best part of MC is the fantastic coaching team. They understand the gap between cultures and have insight into the industries we’re after. They care for Chinese candidates’ feelings and specifically tailor their coaching with in-depth understanding of cultural differences. They are strongly supportive and warm-hearted in helping.

I managed to build successful relationship with several coaches. After knowing I received these offers, they congratulated me and offered advice on my initial employment (this is obviously outside their responsibilities, but they went an extra mile).

To those who are still striving to succeed and those who are hesitating where to go, I recommend MC coaching programme to you, due to its structure and fantastic team. If you follow MC’s coaching properly, do your work and stay proactive and tenacious, you will get an offer from your dream company!