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B Zhou - HSBC. GS

I’ve just been offered my first job in HSBC. Apart from that, I’ve also got offers from Standard Chartered and an olive company from Portugal. Thanks very much for the help from Mandarin Consulting; without your guidance, I would definitely not be able to get so many good offers.

I still remember that David asked me to be more diligent and this helped me in my most difficult time in UK, when I lack confidence in every aspect of life! I remember that you asked me to send an email telling you when I worked for a Fortune 500 company. Now I’m proud to say that I made it!!

I also remember Chris’ help with my competency questions, which was my weakest part in the whole recruiting stage. It is that help which enabled me to pass every telephone and face-to-face interview! I only got the interview invitation the day before the AC, so had almost no time to prepare, but thanks to the work done before with Chris for other ACs, I used them in the HSBC AC and succeeded!