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Felipe Albertao

Felipe Albertao is an experienced technology leader with 20+ years of experience in the Technology sector. Throughout his career, Felipe has led large software engineering teams, professionally developing junior and senior developers. Immigrating to the US from Brazil as a H1-B tech worker, Felipe has contributed to global teams in Silicon Valley, Berlin, Shenyang, Shanghai, and Brazil.

During 11 years at PayPal, Felipe held various technical and leadership roles on the User Experience, Platform, and Full-stack Product teams. As a Software Development Manager, Felipe and his team built the user experience for PayPal’s consumer fintech product for the US and European markets. Felipe also worked in diverse corporate functions including Sales, Business Development, and Corporate Social Responsibility, while participating in an internal leadership development program.

While at IBM Research in China, Felipe architected and implemented urban water management solutions for the cities of Shenyang, Kunming, and Hong Kong. During this time, Felipe coached Chinese university students in building software professionally and navigating an American tech-based corporate environment. While at Nokia, Felipe invented and built a high-resiliency anti-virus update distribution platform for Nokia products.

Felipe has published academic papers and holds multiple patents based on his work at Nokia, IBM and PayPal. Along with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, he has a Certificate in Software Engineering and Management from University of California, Santa Cruz. Having lived and worked in China for multiple years, Felipe developed a passion for Chinese culture, and enjoys reading books on Chinese modern history and society and studying Mandarin. In 2018, Felipe obtained the Chinese Proficiency Test HSK Level 2. Felipe is building an NGO at the intersection of data, technology and civics.