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Zh J - Taylor Watson. GS

Q1: Which question do you spend most time in preparation?
I think it depends on which stage you are at, for the first few stages, I spent most of my time preparing the examples for the competency questions and then when I moved on to the next stage, I needed to spend more time on the technical questions.

Q2: Did you come across those questions in the interview?
Yes, the basic questions, for example, why do you apply for this job, what is your ambition and motivation?

Q3: How was your answer for that?
My answers were slightly different for different companies, I just used the techniques from the Mandarin Consulting, which I practiced before the interview with my coach and we had some established answer strategies for commonly asked questions, that helped me a lot during the interview.

Q4: Did you feel nervous in the interview? Do you have any different feelings from first interview to the last one?
Yes, the first few times I was quite nervous, because I had no idea what the interview would be like, but after I got experience, I began to feel more confident after some practice; then I focused more on the questions and talked in more detail during the later interviews, which made me perform better. I think especially after the telephone interview, I got more confidence, because after the interview, the interviewer told me I did a good job, I was so happy about that.

Q5: Which suggestion from our coach you feel like benefit the most?
I got a lot of useful suggestions from my coach, one of the points is about the telephone interview, he told me how the tone can affect the feeling of the interviewer which I never came across before. That was really helpful.