Success Stories


Yan Kong to Sally Patterson - PwC and Jaguar Land Rover

Too often we progress through the ‘ropes of life,’ and do not invest the time to express our gratitude and authentic value for the support our mentors so eagerly share for our growth, as not only students, but also as global citizens of society. Here, I really want to write this thank letter to my coach Sally Patterson. When I came to Mandarin Consulting to search for help, it was my lowest point of my life so far. It would not have been possible to get the offer from PwC and Jaguar Land Rover without the help and support of my personal coach, Sally.


Sally opened my eyes to what I could be and what I could do in a way that I’ve never thought possible. Without Sally’s encouragement and belief, I would not have imagined that I could get the offer from one of the top employers in the world. Sally’s encouragement and persistence has taught me that I am who I am, and to get to the top, it’s all down to me. I am capable, but it will take hard work and lots of dedication.


To me, Sally is an inspirer, an empowerer and an engager. I believe these three characteristics are just a short sample of the many she demonstrates with all of her candidates including me during every single coaching session.  She makes me feel truly supported when she says, “Please let me know how I can be helpful” and genuinely means it. Also, the excitement she expresses to co-learn with me rather than teach me, makes me feel like a partner in my job hunting experience.


As a coach, Sally can ensure a role of heightening my skills in job hunting. However, she sees me not as one of the many candidates she has, but instead she values me for my uniqueness and strengths.


Sally, thank you for being one of the greatest teachers out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have.


With gratitude,


Yan Kong