Success Stories

Case studies

Steven - Finance. GS

I knew about Mandarin Consulting from a presentation event at CASS Business School. The professional and insightful descriptions and suggestions from senior consultant David really impressed me. The key reason for me joining the programme was the good service and the senior consultant team in Mandarin. I also appreciate the recommended internship services that I have received from Mandarin Consulting.

Within a week of joining the programme, I had the opportunity to start in a boutique Investment Bank where I work as a junior analyst. I learnt a lot from this position. For someone very interested in financial services as a whole, I found it really interesting to see how a boutique investment bank works. I continued to apply for graduate positions in larger organisation during my 3 month internship.

The main objective for me at this time is to find a graduate role in a financial institution. After starting applications to several companies, I found it really useful to write competency questions based on suggestions from Mandarin Consulting. This saved me a lot of time. The main difficulty for applications is the choice of examples to be used in competency questions. However, Mandarin Consulting provided relevant training sessions and it really increased my productivity in application.

I got several interviews either telephone based or in person. As a foreign student, the main difficulty is the face-to-face conversation. What is more, people without interview experience tend to be nervous and this may affect the performance. MC provided mock interview practice for each interview you get, which is really helpful. Sometimes a mock practice can help you to know which question or which part of a topic you are not good at answering and then you can practice the specific area, which again enhances your performance in interview.