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Stephanie Gui - Investment Bank. Direct Application

When I graduated from the LSE, I was very disappointed and worried that my degree was only a Third Class, as I am actually very good at Maths, I just didn’t do well in the final year.

I realised that it would be very hard for me to get a good job with that degree, I therefore joined Mandarin Consulting’s coaching programme because I needed professional help. I made quite a lot of applications and because of my poor result, failed to get an offer. During all the time, I had a lot of guidance and encouragement from Mandarin Consulting’s staff. Carrie Waley, the CEO of the company, had a meeting with me and suggested that I should take an intern placement to strengthen my CV. I worked for one month in an investment bank, I found the experience extremely interesting and useful. Soon after I finished the intern placement, Mandarin Consulting recommended me to a company. I was very nervous about the interview but Carrie again gave me a lot of confidence, trained me and gave me a lot of information and background about the company. I had a feeling that Carrie had already spoken to the company at great length about me, I was the only one called for, so it was not a case of having to compete with many others being interviewed (a situation I really hate!). So I knew all I needed to do was perform well at the interview. I was offered a job 2 days after the interview and now I have just started and I am so happy and excited about this job.

I would like to share my experience with you and let you know that even with poor degree, you still have a chance to get a good job if you know who to turn to. In my case, I am so glad that I went to Mandarin Consulting for help, it has proven to be the best investment that I have ever made, not just because they found a job for me, I also learnt so much from the general job hunting training that I can use the rest of my life.