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Siming - Business Development. Internship

My placement was recommended by Carrie at Mandarin Consulting, Carrie briefed me thoroughly about the role and also accompanied me to the interview. It was a relatively easy interview process as I could see Carrie had done the hard work of ‘selling’ me to Peter Bishop, Deputy Chief Executive of LCCI. At the interview, Peter only asked me some questions about myself, my academic and work background. Carrie told me that all I needed to do was appear to be proactive, positive and confident, I think I did not fail Carrie.

I am also very proud to say that I have made some significant progress in the project and we have managed to locate quite a number of Chinese companies in the UK and let them know the existence of CBA at LCCI.

Also through my work, I have the opportunity to attend many very interesting and fun business functions and meet a lot of British business people. It has hugely widened my understanding and business contact base in the UK, which will no doubt help my future career development.