Success Stories


Q Li to Peter Ward - Accenture

I am writing to show my huge thanks to all the stuff, Coaches, working at Mandarin Consulting, especially the coach that has provided me with significant help, Peter Ward.


I applied for the Consulting Graduate Programme at Accenture and after having passed the competitive application process I received their offer starting as the level 11 Analyst in London office.


After having signed the contract, during the onboarding check process, they told me that I did not reach a score in the University Entrance Examination (known as Gaokao in China) of 600/750, which in their policy is equivalent to 340 UCAS in A-Level, so they would rescind my offer.


They did not mention that their standard for Chinese Gaokao is 600 at all beforehand. And they told me that this has been decided and it is not negotiable.


Because of their last minute notice of a standard that did not appear on the offer at all, I have lost the good opportunity of working for HSBC because I declined their offer for another UK role, I have also wasted a lot of money as the deposit for accommodation can not be given back to me.


Feeling extremely shocked and hugely disappointed, I contacted Mandarin Consulting. I explained the whole case to Peter Ward, and he felt that the whole situation was unacceptable as well.


After having discussed with me and analysed the whole situation cautiously, Peter offered to called up Accenture’s HR department and explain the whole situation on my behalf (he kept calling them for a couple of days consecutively as the line is always occupied somehow). He has also sent over an email with precise but strong points to demonstrate the reason why they should reinstate my offer.


Peter has definitely devoted a lot of time in my case and he asked me about the progress every day. Meanwhile he has also done a lot of research to understand the Gaokao scoring system better. Alongside this, he has also encourged me not to lose confidence and keep applying for other roles at the same time.


Eventually, Accenture called me up yesterday telling me that they have decided to reinstated my offer. They apologised for what has happened and said that as a major company they should not generalise the situation.


As a result they changed their standard for A-Level, which I reckon is definitely the biggest outcome we have achieved in this case!


Words fail to describe how grateful I am that Peter and Mandarin Consulting has shown me complete support and has helped me with all its forces. Without the huge help from Peter and Mandarin Consulting I could never achieve my dream of working for one of the best management consulting company.


I am also glad that I have fought for what is right, not only because it brings justice and fair to me, but will benefit other applicants in the future too.


Trillions of thanks to Peter and to Mandarin Consulting again. It is such an honour to be alumni of Mandarin Consulting.


I will keep recommending this UK’s best career service firm to other students as well because of Mandarin Consulting’s impressive experience in different industries and unexpected cases, alongside with its demonstration of humanism.