Success Stories


M. Feng to Yvonne Krzywkowska - Redstone

Dear Yvonne,


Today, finally, I finished my last round interview (6th interview) of my dream company Redstone, and I’m writing this email to appreciate for your lovely accompany for these 3 months. You are very beautiful, very friendly, very professional, very patient and very thoughtful!! You give me a lot of confidence, support and positive energy. I have to say, it is my honor to have you!!


At the first beginning, I had no confidence and always failed even in the first round. I had no clue about my strength, my unique sale point and my competitiveness.I was worrying about the future of my career and didn’t know what do I really want to do. Therefore, I really appreciate for your kind support and guidance. You were not only helped me to practice different questions again and again but also analyzed my experience in different sides to make me understand myself.  Sometimes I was miserable  and wanted to give up, but you never give up me, you were always in patient and encourage me as much as you can.You always did a lot of preparation for each session and I can’t believe our notes finished one notebook just for one company!!!


Through your guidance these months, I’m full fill of confidence and deep understand myself now. You are not only improved my interview techniques,but also changed my attitude to my life. At present, I can easily get into the final rounds for the companies I applied for and got several offers by myself. I’m so glad to see my improvements so far.


Also, I really appreciate for your kind sharing of your life experience. When I confused to my situation, you always used your experience to encourage me and give me very useful suggestions. You are not only a career coach for me, but also a very lovely mentor for my life.


Dear Yvonne, I have to express my appreciate again, whatever I get the offer from Redstone or not, you already changed me a lot. Tomorrow I will going to have the second interview of Michale Kors, I believe with your help, I could do it well.

Wish you a lovely day.


Best Regards,