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Like many people, the beginning of the road to my English job was full of negatives about the employment market. My job search process can be divided into four stages: confused and desperate, the chance of survival, a difficult journey and enjoying success. Mandarin Consultant in their help, asked me to keep these points in mind:

A. Psychologically, remain optimistic with a positive mental attitude. Finding a job is a long and arduous process. It can take 10 months to get a job in the financial services industry.

B. Take on board Western views and attitudes. Do not look at things only from a Chinese viewpoint, but ensure that you can see both sides of a cultural difference

C. Actively seek help from the outside world. At my first exposure to Mandarin Consultant, beginning the job training program, I was sceptical, but I got a great deal of help in how to fill out the application form, complete the online test, how to prepare for an interview and participating in the final evaluation day Assessment Centre. Their work in helping the Chinese to apply for a British company has rare experience and insights.

D. Keep on self-studying and learning. Your knowledge of current affairs and economy will give you the edge in interview. Employers want to see the ability to think for oneself.

E. Be fully prepared before an interview; not only is it important to show knowledge but also be charming and personable. Treat everyone, the reception staff and the managers with respect.