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Luisa Wu - Multinational PR Company. Job

Since I joined Mandarin Consulting, I have applied to around 25 companies, including 15 in the UK and 10 in China. I have attended 4 interviews and received 4 offers. In addition to these 4 interviews, I did not go to another 3 interviews, as I was already working.

Although I didn’t manage to get an offer while I was in the UK, my development from the coaching absolutely made me much more competitive when I got back to China.

Under the guidance of Chris, I learnt how to research a company more efficiently, including getting to know the company’s culture, business and clients; also, and what kind of candidates they were looking for.

In the coaching on how to become a candidate matching the job requirements and description, I particularly learnt how to structure my answers in interview and give examples of what I have done in similar situations.

More importantly, through the coaching, I have become more confident. I think I gave a good impression to the interviewers, who are my managers now.