Success Stories


Lexi to Abigail Anding - Rose of York English Language School

Thank you for your email this morning. The good news is HR was HEAVILY impressed. He didn’t particularly use any one of those 2 methods, but used a similar one to the second ‘tell me about your CV’ one. What worried me was he asked me a lot of background questions like what kind of visa I have, how many hours I can work, but not anything about my interests and what I’ve gained from my working experience, so that I didn’t have much time to talk about those good skills I’ve learnt from work.


But, then he asked me why I want this job, so I then showed him what I knew about the company and what I like about it (qualities, experience, marketing strategies). Then, I trapped him and said that we’ve done a lot and done well but potentially we can enlarge the market even more.


Then he got very interested, so I started to talk about everything we’ve been talking about, direct market, domestic and Chinese market, etc. He was very happy and even told me some internal information; I guess he had already decided by that point, and he said I’m definitely going in the right direction. Although they are looking for an intern, he said it’s highly possibly to make it a paid job, as most of the current workers were somehow working for the company, and even when they leave the country, they can still work for the company.


Anyway, he asked me to start anytime I want. And if I want I can still do it even when I get into a new university. That’s so good. I really have to thank you a lot. Although this is an unpaid job, it is still very meaningful and useful for me. Thank you for the time that we spent together. I didn’t expect to get the second internship that I applied for!