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Lei - Accounting and Finance. GS and Internship

I was good friends with a student in London that knew Mandarin Consulting. I had tried 2 previous applications and failed both of them. I read the MC website and the success stories made me think that I would benefit from their help. After listening to an application plan tailored for me, I decided that this was to aid my further progress and I decided to join in their training programme.

I simply could not imagine the amount of work done in the first 2 months; from my CV to written test advice, leading to 4 interview invitations. David’s coaching for interviews prepared me for problem solving and taught me about eye contact, case analysis and group discussions. I went to the interviews with confidence and came second in a group of 10 in the Assessment Centre and passed the partner interview. Carrie helped me to adjust my thinking and helped me get an internship, during which I got the opportunity of a lot of customer telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings. This deepened my understanding of British policies in the introduction of foreign capital. Through this experience, I began to be able to quickly establish a good relationship with strangers.., I am confident that the team of Mandarin Consultant will certainly be able to help me find a place for my long-term development in the accounting and finance industry.