Success Stories


L. QIU to Sarah Olsen - Capgemini Consulting

I have been working with Sarah for about half a year since January 2017. She is a very responsible, dedicated and supportive coach who has helped me improve massively since I joined Mandarin Consulting. Throughout our coaching, we mainly focus on career development, CV and online application polishing, competency and motivational interview, commercial awareness, and case study. At the beginning of our coaching, I had no idea how to work towards my goal, but Sarah helped me set my career development plan which was extremely useful throughout our coaching. She also taught me the methodologies and frameworks (e.g., STAR and SWOT) which are essential and transferrable in many other situations. In addition, Sarah also taught me a lot of on-the-job skills such as report writing, presentation and communication skills. More importantly, Sarah was extremely supportive and navigated through my important decision-making time. I enjoy working with her as we always have good communication, and she also provides me with solutions whenever I need (or guide me through my thought process to reach the best solution).

I just received an offer from Capgemini Consulting, which is my favourite company. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for helping and supporting me, as well as for being such an inspirational figure.”