Success Stories


Z. Ouyang to Yvonne Krzywkowska -

Dear Roshi,

I am writing this email just want to say thank you to my personal coach Yvonne Krzywkowska and Mandarin Consulting. Because I got a part-time job from a lady that Yvonne introduced to me! I really appreciated that opportunity and wanted to share this exciting news with you. Yvonne is such a magical person; she seems can predict something, so she introduced that lady to me from the first time we met without hesitation. And she is a very patient and responsible coach, every session that we had can help me to gain extensive knowledge from her. Also, she is not just a great, intelligent coach, but a very thoughtful friend, I feel so lucky that I can meet such a wonderful woman!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to MC and my coach Yvonne and I believed I can find a suitable full-time job through her session.

Kind Regards,