Success Stories


J. Qu to Sally Patterson - BlackRock

Dear Sally,

Hope everything is awesome! I have good news to tell you—I am offered an internship from BlackRock.

Thank you so much for the coaching! It is so hard to try to express my feelings through words. I have grown a lot during this process. I still remember the time when I said “Sorry Sally I don’t want to let you down but this time I make you disappointed” You shook your head and said “No! Listen, you never let me down. I am proud of you all the time. What you need to do is to be more confident” It’s you who helped me to build my confidence step by step, see my advantages and make me believe I am also an outstanding achiever who can achieve success. I am so glad to become more and more confident and calm with your help.

Just want to repeat: Thank you! I cannot achieve that without your encouragement! Thank you for being a companion all the way!!!


Kind regards,