Success Stories


Ellen Wang to Vera Urban - HSBC

Dear Management of Mandarin Consulting,


My name is Ellen Wang, a candidate of MC also the offer holder of HSBC UK. I am writing to recommend and express my gratitude to my coach Vera Urban.

Vera is not my personal coach, but I can definitely confirm without her professional and generous coaching, I would not be able to be admitted by HSBC.

Vera and I started knowing each other via my HSBC application. Before that time, I had been stuck in interviews for a long time and could not get into the next stage of job application, namely Assessment Centre. Then I met Vera, her professionalism and accuracy helped me find out the gap I had for successful application which helped me go through the whole application for HSBC and achieve the offer at last.

Vera’s coaching was well structured and time organised. With her guidance at the start of each coaching session, I knew exactly what I should do and what target I should achieve in each stage. She used very detailed questions to make me get familiar with myself and the target company, also practiced my answers again and again by recording and rehearsal. At first, I regarded this rehearsal as time wasting and repeating, however, after her detailed analysis of my recorded answers, I released differences between each record, and these differences were exactly the reason of my failure before.

Vera is a very strict coach, her attention would even be paid to my tone and facial impression in answering the interview questions, not to mention the words and phrases I used. Vera is also an honest and reliable coach. She always pointed the imperfections in my answers directly and provided me with ways to improve no matter how many times of practice I needed.

Now I have achieved my offer and my coaching period with Vera has ended, but our contact and friendship continue. I would never forget how Vera encouraged me and calmed me down when I was notified my AC was in two days, I would also not forget how generous she was to let me decide when and how to coach me no matter how late and busy she was as that time. In many times, she contacted me initially by calls or messages to ascertain my preparation went well and I was not too pressured, and these contact time were not accounted in the MC’s coaching time. When I hesitated to take HSBC offer due to my worry of incapability for banking job, she encouraged me by saying that she was there to help if I encountered any problems at work. Her words helped me make the final decision to take the offer. I feel so lucky that I have Vera as my coach and friend, her imperturbability, professionalism, generousness and big heart were the core reason for my success of HSBC application, also would be a great treasure I am learning from her.

I would definitely recommend Vera Urban as an excellent coach and encourage everyone who wants to apply for jobs in UK&US to contact her. I have every faith in her and her capability as a great coach, great teacher and trustworthy friend.


Yours faithfully,

Ellen Wang