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From the end of June, Mandarin Consulting “in British the Chinese employment training project,” since, only a short span of less than three months’ time, but I harvest and grow my own and my friends for all to see. Wrote this summary, to sum up I got a job offer and encourage each internship experience at an investment bank, and all those interested in the career development of British friend.
First, my background, I enrolled in the country at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, graduated Master of Durham University in the UK, professional financial investment. After graduation, I worked in a small company doing international trade, with China-related sales, and procurement. I started on my work in mid-July after full-time to find a job, the end of August, a five-week internship at Slater Investments, the famous network fashion dealers ASOS will start in October start work.

My Job Offer

Mandarin Consulting by the end of June, a month’s time, I completed all relevant training in Mandarin Consulting, by the end of July, I applied for ASOS graduates seeking projects. Fashion has always been my biggest hobby. Although this project is to recruit trainees for its finance department, but in this industry, I will undoubtedly have great enthusiasm.

In this off of the online application, and many job seekers, the beginning and I think the response to competency interview questions is a very troublesome thing. Here I would like to sincerely thank Mandarin Consulting Tommy, his help is crucial for me. Tommy helped me ASOS culture, and a detailed explanation ready skills competency questions, which makes me all of a sudden become crystal clear. Work experience in the UK over the past two years, coupled to participate in the various activities in the country, in fact, my experience and resources is sufficient. So under the careful guidance of Tommy, I practice hard, very relaxed after the first round of interviews, and the subsequent online tests.

The final round of the Assessment Centre, the company required to prepare a 10-minute presentation, in the beginning I also know where to begin. Here, I want to thank this job project director David his rich experience in various fields is very helpful for me. Prepare presentation process, David tells me a lot of stories in his career, so I have a more profound understanding of the business, often put forward my view, he will be affirmed or suggest modifications. I was ultimately very confident about their preparation.

Assessment Day, the day, I was very nervous. IV, a total of 12 individuals, while this year only recruit 2 personal and intense competition; 12 people inside, I was the only one that has never participated in the Assessment Centre; Third, I was the only a foreigner; 12 people half of Oxford, Cambridge and LSE graduate, also citi bank internship experience, a work of the three-year financial advisor. The face of such competition, I said to myself: I want to meet strong strength. I quickly analyse their own advantage: I have work experience; I am a Chinese people in the UK, my eyes open and open-minded; I love fashion, and know how to fashion the true meaning. ASOS is a fashion company, the day of the interview we are dressed very colourful, casual, 12 job seekers amongst I was the only one wearing a purple skirt, others are dark grey suit, and I was secretly applauded.

That four-part presentation, personal practice, manager interviews, group exercises. My presentation, although there is no expected good, but very smooth, the manager is very surprised to listen to my speech I say ASOS and its market share to competitors percent accurate. Individual exercise is a very basic financial analysis, learned in the country in the past financial analysis of this course, I have done very well. It was found that others have done in this round is not very good, I had the confidence. Manager interview is a part of me that day the most out of colour. The two managers are very friendly, introduced me to the various departments of the ASOS, designers and models were busy when I saw both sides of the T station, I’ve moved to speak. Beginning of the interview, when I put the first sentence is: I have to work here! They were amused laugh. I soon discovered that the culture of ASOS is ideal for me, the people here are very young, love fashion, very humorous. I am also a sense of humour, I found humorous tone when I answer questions, witty, optimistic, creative, my understanding of the business future ambitious plans are very hi appreciate. I learned at the University of Durham in business forecasting and mathematical models, obviously they need it most. The interview ended in a cheerful atmosphere, I happily breathed a sigh of relief. Group exercise for me there is pressure, the British speech very fast, very difficult for me to grab the opportunity. But I did not give up and still win a lot of performance opportunities. Detail worth mentioning is that when other people are agreed that the ASOS should provide international free delivery, I am very decisively say, this is not enough, the international postal charges are too high, while others are my opinions different, but I am very adhere to their own opinions, in my statement END reason, my peripheral vision to see ASOS manager nodded slightly. The past 2 years work experience here is undoubtedly very helpful.

After the end of the day, my trepidation waiting for two weeks, until finally the congratulation message. Wrote this article, 10 minutes ago, I have just received a contract of employment, start to work after two weeks.

My Intern Experience

Here first of all to thank the good Mandarin Consulting, to provide me with this opportunity. Used to think that the investment bank is very far away from me, the impossible financial crisis, this is like a dream come true.

To an interview that day, I was busy preparing for the ASOS interview, so did not have time to properly prepare the Intern interview glanced at the pages, my memory is a very good person, company’s history read it after never forget a. Interview me is the marketing manager, he is a great talker, very interesting people, we talked for half an hour, I speak my understanding, career planning, but also to share my story. Notify me the next day to interview success.

Now I have to work three weeks in Slate Investments, the experience can be simple to describe as very happy. My main task is to do research, research data, organizing data, and this is what I learned in school, so for me it is very interesting. My colleagues are very smart, and we often debated for a problem, every time I can learn a lot of the issues discussed. Occasionally, I will help our president to attend various meetings, participants are senior management of listed companies, I felt both nervous and excited. When people ask me my idea of a problem, I will seriously consider, and confident. Just three weeks, I have learned the simple operation of Bloomberg platform, the company encouraged me to attend the training, I am also very positive learning.

In his spare time, between colleagues is very harmonious relationship. Everyone was laughing, I’m also very happy to join them. When I learned that I have been the work of ASOS, our entire company are boiling, and everyone’s congratulations made me feel very warm. ASOS work to begin in two weeks, so I will cherish the hard work in the last two weeks of Slater Investments.

This is my experience, we want to help. Finally, I would like to still struggle friends a few suggestions: 1, in interviews important exhibit real, personal and company culture anastomosis, a job to do happy to do for a long time; 2, in like industry, which work, only to have the passion, the job can be even more promising; the encountered failure is not discouraged, always believe in yourself; 4, looking for Mandarin Consulting seek professional help here is shortcut dreams!