Success Stories

Case studies

Ben Huang - Barclays

1. Tell us your story and what you have gained from coaching?

Since I started my studies at university, I submitted a lot of internship applications and aimed to gain work experience in the financial industry in the UK. However, I often found it difficult to pass the first-round telephone interviews and always received rejections in the early stages of applications. The coaching at Mandarin Consulting has provided me with a lot of efficient methods to deal with online applications including CV checking and suggestions on my answers to competency questions in the application forms. I have gained not only the professional techniques to perform well in interviews from the coach, but also encouragement and confidence to tackle any difficulties in the application process.


1. 跟我们说说你的故事以及你从我们的职业辅导中获得了什么?

自从我上大学以来,我提交了很多实习的申请,目的是想获得在英国金融业的工作经验。但是,我发现我连第一轮的电话面试都很难通过,并且总是在申请的早期阶段被拒绝。Mandarin Consulting的求职辅导针对我的在线申请为我提供了许多有效的方法,包括检查简历和对申请表中能力问题的回答的建议。我从导师那里不仅获得了如何在面试中表现良好的专业指导和技巧,还获得了鼓励和信心,从而 克服我在申请过程中的任何困难。



2. What was your specific requirement or concern before you joined the Mandarin Consulting career coaching programme?

I always got very nervous and stressed before and during interviews. I was not confident enough because I didn’t know what the most efficient methods were to prepare for an interview and was unsure whether I was heading in the right direction. I hoped that Mandarin Consulting could help me effectively solve this problem.


2. 你加入梦达琳求职辅导计划之前你的具体要求是什么或你关注的是什么?

我在面试前以及面试时总是非常紧张,压力很大。我不够自信,因为我不知道准备面试的最有效的方法是什么,我也不确定我准备的方向是不是正确的。因此,在我加入Mandarin Consulting求职辅导之前,我希望他们能帮助我有效地解决好这个问题。



3. How did the Mandarin Consulting coach help you solve the problem? Was there a specific solution?

The Mandarin Consulting coach taught me how to do research on the companies with which I was going to interview. They provided me with a lot of insights from their other candidates who had done similar interviews before. I had lots of practice with the coach and became more and more confident. I think it is the experience and encouragement from the coach that helped me solve the problems I was having.


3. Mandarin Consulting的求职导师是如何帮助你解决这个问题的?有没有具体的解决方案?




4. What have you learned about yourself during this journey? How have you changed following the coaching sessions?

I have become a confident person who is able to handle the challenges of interviews. I am able to carry out independent research on the useful information about the companies for which I was applying. I can think and react quickly and flexibly to the questions from the interviewers. More importantly, the job application process has given me confidence to face other difficulties in life. I now very much enjoy highly pressured situations because I believe that I can be successful if I work hard and work smartly. These are the most important lessons I have learned from Mandarin Consulting.



通过Mandarin Consulting的求职辅导,对于任何不同面试的挑战,我都能充满自信。我可以对我所申请的公司进行独立深入的研究。我也可以快速、灵活地思考和回答面试官的问题。更重要的是,工作申请的过程使我有信心面对生活中的其他困难。我现在能够在高度压力的情况下游刃有余,因为我相信,如果我努力并且聪明地工作,我是可以成功的。这些都是我从MC学到的最重要的经验。