Success Stories


Ben Huang - Barclays & PwC

  1. Tell us your story and what you have gained from coaching?

Since I started studying at university, I made a lot of internship applications and aimed to gain work experience in the finance industry in the UK. However, I often found it difficult to pass the first-round telephone interviews and always received rejections during the early application stages. Coaching at MC has provided me with a lot of efficient methods to deal with online applications, including checking my CV and suggestions to improve my answers to competency questions. I have gained not only the professional skills to perform well in interviews from the coach but also encouragement and confidence to tackle any difficulties in the application process.


  1. What was your specific requirement or concern before you joined the MC career coaching programme?

I always got very nervous and stressed before and during interviews. I was not confident enough because I didn’t find the most efficient methods to prepare for interviews and was unsure whether I was heading in the right direction. I was hoping that MC could help me effectively solve this problem.


  1. How did the MC coach help you solve the problem? Was there a specific solution?

The MC coaches taught me how to do research on the companies I was going to interview with. They provided me with a lot of insights from their other candidates who had undergone similar interviews before. I had lots of practice with the coach and became more and more confident. I think it is the experience and encouragement from the coach that helped me solve my problems.


  1. What have you learned about yourself during this journey? How have you changed following the coaching sessions?

I have become a more confident person who is able to handle the challenges during the interviews. I am able to carry out independent research on the useful information about the companies I am applying for. I can think and react quickly and flexibly to the questions from the interviewers. Most importantly, the job application process has given me confidence to face other difficulties in life. I very much enjoy situations when I am under pressure because I believe that I can reach success if I work hard and work smartly. These are the most important lessons I have learned from MC.