Success Stories


Audrey Dong to Tim Pedlar - Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Dear Tim,

How are you?

I am writing this email to express my great appreciation for your excellent coaching and supports in the past few months. I am so lucky to have a coach who always inspires me and brings out the best in me – your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible. More importantly, thanks to your banking backgrounds, I obtained probably the highest level of coaching, with very insightful advices and instructions for all the interviews and Assessment centres I attended. You are an absolutely incredible coach, and for me it would be very much unlikely to receive the full-time position offer from BAML without your guidance and coaching.

Again, thank you very much for helping me reach me potential and find an excellent graduate job. I look forward to our following personal coaching sessions!


All the best,

Audrey Dong