Success Stories


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To Sally Patterson


Dear Sally:

I am so delighted that you are my personal coach. I have read all your feedback given me yesterday carefully which is very fair and consistent with my actual situation. Thank you for your effort.





Dear Sally

Hope you’re having a very relaxed holiday.

I am very happy to inform you that I passed the telephone interview!!! Thanks for your patience and kindness very much.

May I ask when it is good to you to coach the AC sessions for me?

Thank you again.







Dear Sally,

Thank you sooooo much for all you’ve done for me! All you’ve done, your encouragement, your suggestions, your asking, everything, really make me feel touched! You did help me a lot Sally and I’m going to do my best to not let you down!

Thanks again!





Dear Sally,

Thank you a lot for providing so much information! That’s far more impressive to me!
I have read some and will continue to finish them.
By the way, I have just finished the revision of the LinkedIn cover letter.

You have given me so many insights and I really appreciate that!!! Far more helpful than the MC online review !!

Thanks a lot.





Dear Sally,

Thank you so much for all you works and guidance, I am really appreciate!  Hope you have a good weekend and I will keep you updated on my career progress.Thanks again!