Global Elite Coaching

Platinum package

Advanced Interview and Assessment Centre Coaching and Professional Development Coaching

Unlimited Interview and Assessment Centre coaching by a team of highly skilled coaches
  • One-to-one Interview and Assessment Centre Coaching to provide thorough and detailed preparation and practice for upcoming interviews and Assessment Centres.
First Step Coaching
  • A live welcome webinar with an experienced coach giving insights into what global companies look for and how to get the most out of your programme
  • Detailed First Steps guidance documents and self-study material. These include the First Steps Workbook and First Steps Video, which cover key areas such as opportunities in international companies, application questions, CVs and covering letters
CV Coaching
  • A one-to-one CV revision session with an experienced CV coach
One-to-one Personal Coaching – Job Application Skills Coaching
  • Coaching Plan – All candidates receive their own individual Personal Development Plan
  • Career Planning and Vacancy Research – Discussing candidates’ career preferences and options.  Further guidance and company lists are then sent to our candidates
  • Networking – Discussing how and where to build networks and connections which can contribute directly to success in the recruitment process
  • Research – How and what to research for interviews and Assessment Centres
  • Application Forms and Covering Letters – Guidance and practice in producing strong answers to increase the chances of passing this critical step
  • On-line test skills – Coaching for on-line tests
  • Interview questions – Building skills to answer motivation, competency, strength-based, commercial awareness and other questions to a high standard
  • Confidence – Coaching to help candidates understand their existing strengths to give them the confidence to succeed
  • Other essential preparation – Coaching may also cover written and spoken English language skills plus other areas if needed
One-to-one Personal Coaching – Advanced Interview and Assessment Centre Coaching
  • There is also scope for further coaching as needed to pass initial recruitment steps, including detailed feedback on open questions and covering letters plus coaching to pass job simulation tests
  • Coaching and preparation to develop essential skills for performing well in interviews and Assessment Centres with individual feedback on candidates’ performance and how to strengthen this
  • Improved commercial awareness and the ability to give clear, accurate opinions and analysis of current affairs in areas such as the economy and business
  • Further skills development in written and verbal Assessment Centre tasks such as Group Exercises, Presentations and written Case Study Reports
One-to-one Personal Coaching – Professional Development Coaching

Professional Development Coaching gives insights into what companies are looking for in candidates and allows candidates to develop the skills and abilities that companies require

  1. Demonstrating fit with company values – Understanding and showing a strong fit with Western values as an essential part of success in the recruitment process, from Situational Judgement Tests to final interviews. Handling recruitment tests in line with company values including how to deal with clients, multiple deadlines or underperforming colleagues
  2. Communicating effectively – Learning skills such as how to present effectively, write email communications professionally and communicate business topics clearly to boost candidates’ skills. Advanced verbal communication skills such as persuasion and tact, being a good listener, showing empathy and inclusiveness
  3. Being a strong team player – Understanding the Western view of teamwork, the importance of helping others and being seen as someone who is easy to work with as behaviours that companies look for in candidates
  4. Developing leadership and management skills and potential – Understanding the theory and practice of leadership, identifying candidates’ leadership potential and experience and demonstrating this clearly in the recruitment process
  5. Being sensitive to different cultures and viewpoints – Demonstrating adaptability to different ideas and the ability to embrace diverse backgrounds in the recruitment process. Understanding why companies seek employees who appreciate different viewpoints
  6. Having a questioning attitude and intellectual curiosity – Developing and demonstrating free thinking, giving valid opinions, showing initiative and individuality and looking for improvements and innovation to make a positive impact in the recruitment process
  7. Enhancing entrepreneurial spirit and skills – Understanding why companies want employees with entrepreneurial skills to contribute to corporate success. Knowing how to develop and demonstrate these skills and behaviours in the recruitment process
  8. Demonstrating work-life balanceEmployers look for candidates who are well-rounded individuals with broad experience. Learning how to demonstrate relevant experience and skills that companies value beyond academic study and work experience
  9. Demonstrating resilienceCandidates need to learn how to build resilience, focus and determination to progress smoothly through the recruitment process and demonstrate to recruiters that they are up to the challenges of working life.
  10. Developing strong time management skills – How to manage applications and study simultaneously, as candidates will need to manage time very effectively to succeed. Demonstrating to recruiters that candidates can manage multiple demands on their time