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Xenia Angevin

Xenia has more than 20 years’ of high-level management experience across key industrial sectors and in the public service, including working for the BBC, Bloomberg and in the Royal Household of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second at Buckingham Palace. A recognised international negotiator and conflict resolution specialist and a highly capable linguist, she was awarded Fellowship status by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2008 for her successful track-record in the areas of conflict and war zones.

Xenia has held high impact roles across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific in Programme Management, Commercial, Legal, Business Development, Research, Consulting and Foreign Affairs roles. She has an unparalleled understanding of the current interviewing and candidate selection methods, from years of direct experience as a hiring manager across the globe.

Xenia has over fifteen years of experience as a Coach and Mentor to international clients. She is a specialist coach for career transitions which involve geography- and industry- change. Xenia also coaches clients for cross-cultural leadership, with emphasis on influencing ability, facilitation skills and executive presence. She is an expert in non-directive communication techniques.

Xenia has a Law degree with a specialism in Commercial Law, a post-graduate degree in Dispute Resolution with a specialism in Multi-party Negotiation. She holds an MBA from the University of London with a specialism in Cooperative Strategy. As an academically trained Scientific Researcher and a qualified Technologist, Xenia has experience of driving innovation through research, analytics, futurology, digital service & product design, agile project management & entrepreneurship.

Xenia spent substantial time in China as a scholarship student at Tsinghua University in Beijing, while working for the BBC, and during numerous field trips to North, West, Central, and South-West China undertaken to expand her knowledge of the Chinese philosophy, history and literature.

Xenia’s pragmatic understanding of the skills necessary to succeed in the working environment of today and tomorrow make her a popular choice for Mandarin Consulting candidates.