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Tiffany Dillmore - Coach

Tiffany Dillmore

US based

Tiffany’s background includes 20 years of contributing to the financial industry, with a special focus on training, development, education and consultative sales in the areas of e-commerce, computer software and hardware.  After launching her career at Merrill Lynch (now Bank of America), Tiffany also coached and developed new employees within Morningstar, Inc., a major global investment research firm.  For the most recent 12 years, Tiffany served as a business Professor at the University of Phoenix, as well.

While based in London, Tiffany delivered educational instruction to Europe’s leading Financial Advisors and presented at international financial conferences. During Tiffany’s role as Inside and Outside Institutional Software Products Sales Director, she educated professionals on marketing and advertising, merger and acquisition opportunities and delivery/ implementation of all products/service.

Along with consulting assignments in the UK and other European offices, Tiffany has also worked and lived in Ireland. Passionate about international collaboration opportunities for individuals from different cultural backgrounds, Tiffany is excited to support and develop Mandarin Consulting candidates as they pursue their dreams and goals.