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Mark Mortimer - coach

Mark Mortimer

UK based

Mark has over twenty-five years of global business experience in consulting, IT, corporate, and entrepreneurial settings. He began his career working in various Analyst, Consultant, and Project Management positions and his career as a management consultant took off when he worked as a Senior Consultant for Price Waterhouse Consultancy.

Mark spent a number of years as Managing Consultant for BT Global Services, responsible for strategic change in sales and operations within various business units. He led the sales account management recruitment and training programme, managing the intake of 182 new recruits. He also provided career coaching at BT, facilitating career management workshops.

More recently, Mark has worked for his own consultancy service, specialising in business coaching, leadership-development and career transition. This recent experience means Mark is more than qualified to provide quality coaching to help our clients fulfil their potential and deliver outstanding results.