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Anamaria Acevedo - Coach

Anamaria Acevedo

UK based

Anamaría is a driven achiever with high standards who, after a long and successful international career as an architect, found her real fulfilment and purpose in helping others through coaching. She believes in developing her clients to find their passion, unlock their potential and create successful lives and careers.

Anamaría has changed her career and reinvented herself twice. As an architect, she was a lead designer in multi-million pound residential, commercial and urban projects. She then set up and has run two successful businesses, firstly, designing and manufacturing jewellery and now, as a qualified Career and Professional Coach. She has lived and worked in various countries and understands the challenges that cultural differences represent. Anamaría knows from experience how to overcome cross-cultural barriers and flourish in new and challenging environments.

As an experienced Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Organisation & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC), ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and NLP and mindfulness practitioner, Anamaría has helped hundreds of people in the UK, Europe, Asia, USA and South America, from a vast range of backgrounds. She enables them to find personal and professional success by supporting them, developing skills, confidence, flexibility and empowerment. She is passionate, confident, creative and totally committed to helping Mandarin Consulting candidates achieve success.