Master Class Webinar: Skills for Career Fairs and Recruitment Events in the West

Date: 3 May 2017

Do you want to use career fairs, recruitment events and other networking events to get interviews?

Take this rare opportunity to come and listen to two gurus who have helped hundreds of Chinese entering top international companies. 

The webinar will cover most insightful and practical skills through role play, demonstration and explanation. 



Carrie Waley

  • Founder and CEO of Mandarin Consulting
  • Experienced Head Hunter for City of London firms
  • Experienced China Consultan
  • Helped hundreds of Chinese students start and progress careers in international companies

David Peckham

  • 19 years with the top management consultancy firms Price Waterhouse (now PwC) and PA Consulting Group
  • The sectors in which he has worked include: energy, manufacturing, process and chemicals, mining, transportation, construction and financial services
  • David has worked in a wide range of countries, including those in Eastern and Western Europe, the Americas and Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East.


  • Purpose of the companies attending Career Fairs and other recruitment events i.e. Insight Days
  • Purpose of the students attending Career Fairs
  • Why preparation for career fairs is important
  • The written rules of networking
  • The unwritten rules of networking
  • Networking skills
Date Time



03/05/2017 1.00pm to 2.00pm

Skills for Career Fairs and Recruitment Events in the West