Webinar: New Year Special: How to Develop Confidence and Public Speaking to Build Your Career Path as a Global Elite

Date: 16 January 2020

Do you want to know how to build self-confidence and demonstrate this key quality in interviews?

Do you want to understand why public speaking is a crucial skill sought after by multinationals?

This is a FREE webinar you must not miss.


For this year’s New Year Special, we are inviting Mandarin Consulting global elite coach, Xenia Angevin, to share her rich experience in helping cross-cultural candidates build confidence and public speaking skills.


Xenia has over fifteen years of experience as a Coach and Mentor to international clients. She is a specialist coach for career transitions which involve geography- and industry- change. Xenia also coaches clients for cross-cultural leadership, with emphasis on influencing ability, facilitation skills and executive presence. She is an expert in non-directive communication techniques. Her pragmatic understanding of the skills necessary to succeed in the working environment of today and tomorrow make her a popular choice for Mandarin Consulting candidates.


Webinar agenda:

  1. Background of the Presenter
  2. The Good News
  • Having Confidence is not the same as having Competence!
  • Lack of confidence as a healthy signal to improve Competencies
  • There is a clear recipe for dramatically improving your Global Elite capabilities
  1. The Mandarin Consulting ‘Confidence’ Plan:
  • The Ingredients:
    • ‘The Big Five’ Character Traits used as key leadership predictors in Global Elite careers
    • The main Career Competencies for high performers
    • Adaptability Quotient – a key to the modern world
  • The Plan:
    • How to understand, develop and obtain mastery of these Traits and Competencies
    • How to practice courage to overcome Fear
    • How to build a personal message which communicates your Strengths
  1. The Spotlight on Communication Skills and Public Speaking:
  • The cross-cultural differences: the Chinese and Western perspectives on Communication Skills
  • Modern Public Speaking: not a performance but a key everyday Communication Skill
  • Varieties of Public Speaking:
    • Speaking to inform
    • Speaking to persuade
    • Speaking on special occasion
    • Speaking in small groups
  • Key techniques:
    • The ‘Pyramid of Communication’
    • Storytelling
    • Active Listening
  1. Q&A
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16/01/2020 18:00 - 19:00 (GMT) New Year Special: How to Develop Confidence and Public Speaking to Build Your Career Path as a Global Elite

Xenia Angevin

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