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Meet The Mentor Supper 5th November 2014

Date: 5 November 2014

Mandarin Consulting is very pleased to have organized a successful event for a group of 34 enthusiastic Chinese students and young professionals who spent an interesting evening with four distinguished experienced professionals from the financial services sector at the Oriental Club on the 5th of November 2014.

The event was jointly held by the Hong Kong Society and Mandarin Consulting and was part of a series.  It was chaired by Mark Patterson from the Hong Kong Society and Carrie Waley, CEO of Mandarin Consulting, who is also a committee member of the Society.

There was a panel discussion at the beginning where the mentors shared their experiences with the mentees, followed by a Q&A session.  Later on each mentor held discussions with a table of mentees during dinner in a beautiful private room.

Many of the mentees found the evening very inspiring.  Several mentees came from a long distance away including one who came from Scotland and she thought the event was definitely worth it, as she learnt a lot from the mentors and now feels more confident about embarking on a career in the financial services sector.

Mandarin Consulting is committed to helping overseas Chinese students start their career in international companies.  We are always hosting different events to allow our candidates to gain as much information as possible about various industries.


Feedback from mentors

‘It was inspiring and really worthy going.  I was absolutely touched and inspired by those mentors who were so generous and nice to sit down to speak with young people.’

– X. Wang

‘I’m so appreciated that Mandarin Consulting and Hong Kong Society gave us this wonderful opportunity to meet those genius mentors. I benefited a lot from mentors’ convincing advice. The event place Oriental Club is also amazing! I have never been dinning in such a delicately decorated venue before.’

– N. Lin

‘My special thanks of that night goes to Suwei , who explained what she does in her business in every detail and gave advises not only on career development but also on personal life. Thanks to Suwei, I become interested in the transaction advisory service in Big 4 now, and will look for opportunities in this area.’

– X. Wang

‘I really appreciate what I have learned from all of you and all the time and effort you have devoted into this event for us. This is an amazing event that I personally found very honoured to attend and I am more than pleasant that I was there.’

– Sherry

‘Thanks for inviting me to the event tonight, I really enjoy talking to people with different backgrounds and it is a really good opportunity knowing the industry professionals for different divisions.’

– J. Wen

‘I found the Q&A session very informative. It was quite interesting to learn about the respective background stories behind your successful careers, as they gave me inspirations and insight on advancing my own career in the long run.’

– Percy

Feedback from mentors

‘What a super group they were. Full of questions and ambition. It was a delight talk to such a driven bunch of young people.’

Andrew Jaques,  Chief Executive,  MHP Financial

‘Thank you, Carrie and Robert for inviting me. It is always good to have a forum where experience can be shared and younger people can be inspired. Well done for organising the event.’

Suwei Jiang, Lead Partner and Senior China Advisor, PwC UK China Business Group