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Mandarin Consulting Launches New 2018 Online Training Academy Programme

On 9th February 2018, Mandarin Consulting launched the new 2018 Academy Training Online Programme, for all employees at Mandarin Consulting. This innovative series of live, interactive training webinars delivered by members of our dedicated and professional Coaching Team, focuses on developing and enhancing key staff skills. On 15th February 2018, professional trainer and coach, Dana […]

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Mandarin Consulting Announces Support to Christ’s Hospital School

Global company Mandarin Consulting is delighted to announce their commitment to support Christ’s Hospital, one of the world’s top boarding schools in the UK, providing life-changing opportunities for young people of all backgrounds. In January, Carrie Waley, CEO of Mandarin Consulting and a member of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, and David Peckham, Director, were welcomed […]

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Global business Mandarin Consulting sends first of three Career Consultants on an International Assignment to the US New York office

Recognising the need for global employee mobility, Elaine Chen is the first of three Mandarin Consulting UK Career Consultants who have been chosen to work for a month’s International Assignment in Mandarin Consulting’s US offices. In the International Assignment pilot project, each Career Consultant will spend allocated time in both the New York and Los […]

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Mandarin Consulting launches new International Assignments pilot project

On 5th December 2017, Mandarin Consulting’s founder and CEO Carrie Waley, launched a new internal pilot project ‘International Assignments’ demonstrating yet another great milestone in the evolution and growth of the global Mandarin Consulting.   In the International Assignment pilot project, three UK career consultants will be selected and given the opportunity to work for […]

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Mandarin Consulting’s Alumni Festive Party, 25th November 2017, London

On 25th November 2017, Mandarin Consulting’s Alumni gathered for a festive celebration at a traditional Chinese restaurant in London. The MC Alumni is a network of Mandarin Consulting’s candidates who have successfully found a job or completed an internship or graduate work placement having benefitted from one of the cross-cultural coaching programmes offered by Mandarin […]

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