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28.03.22 Fascinating Perspectives on New Grad Competencies

28.03.22 Fascinating Perspectives on New Grad Competencies

Dear Students:


You may already know that new grads and major global employers overlap significantly in identifying the key competencies needed to join the workforce (which are called “career-ready skills”). That’s some good news.


The “less-good” news, however, (which you may be surprised to hear), is that you and your peers generally regard yourselves as having much greater skill in these areas than do hiring leaders! As a result, you and your fellow university-aged colleagues may put in less effort than you should to develop such abilities.


This fact, conveyed in the NACE article below, reconfirms how valuable it is to develop skills such as leadership, critical thinking and communication, since the “employer bar” for these and other essential career-ready skills is clearly much higher than many of you may think.


Let’s use this insight to reinforce the necessity of truly mastering such competencies, as early as possible in your career journey, under the guidance of whichever kind of experienced, professional support you can enlist to build your skills in doing so!