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25.03.22 Success is Born of “Grit” in the Long-term Pursuit of Goals

25.03.22 Success is Born of “Grit” in the Long-term Pursuit of Goals

Dear Students,


Today’s learning comes from one of the most inspiring researchers working today. Both an academic and a psychologist, Dr. Duckworth published a 2016 instant bestseller: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, following a BA from Penn, advanced study in Neurobiology at Harvard and a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Oxford.


The essential message of both this TED talk and her book, is that, more than any other factor, the ability to “hang in there” through difficult times and challenges, to keep working toward one’s long-term goals, is what leads to success.


What a great concept to consider, especially for those of you who may be frustrated by what you perceive as an unnecessarily lengthy search effort required to identify a promising first role in the U.S., especially now, in the spring, with internship season and graduation approaching!


This concise 6-minute talk is packed with motivational and well-researched ideas that can’t help but keep all of you striving toward challenging long-term pursuits! Dr. Duckworth has also given other TED Talks worth listening to, if you are interested in doing so.