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22.03.22 Helping Younger Students Get Started on LinkedIn

22.03.22 Helping Younger Students Get Started on LinkedIn

Dear Students,


While some of you may use LinkedIn on a regular basis, this platform may well be quite new to those of you who are just seeking to build a professional network early in your college career.


And, although you may recognize the potential benefits of establishing a LinkedIn profile, actually doing so can still feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many components to consider, including the personal brand you want to convey in your “About” section,  the accomplishments you may want to communicate, both academically and in any other roles, and the specific experiences you may want to share.


This Wall Street Journal article can help to parlay LinkedIn anxiety into action, especially with encouragement and guidance from experienced Western professionals who may have been using this tool successfully to grow and leverage their networks for years. Like many things, simply starting on LinkedIn may be the hardest part of the process, and once you are able to take this step, you’ll find that you are on your way to building your network!