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Mandarin Consulting Offers Summer Internship to a Christ’s Hospital School Pupil

Mandarin Consulting Offers Summer Internship to a Christ’s Hospital School Pupil

Monday, 1st July 2019, London. Global company Mandarin Consulting was delighted to welcome Martha Sharp, a talented student at Christ’s Hospital School, for her one-week summer internship at the London Head Office. Martha spent valuable time in all departments of Mandarin Consulting, including Marketing, Sales, Programme Management and HR, as well as working closely with Mandarin Consulting’s Founder and CEO, Carrie Waley.

During her internship, Martha developed knowledge of the dynamics in the company and the importance of communication and integration across departments to achieve an understanding of the MC global mission of Changing People’s Lives. The internship provided an opportunity to immerse herself in a business environment, where she discovered that skills including ‘perseverance’, ‘resilience’ and ‘personal discipline’ were fundamental to the leadership style of the MC staff.

With a great passion for Chinese culture, Martha gained a deep understanding of cross-cultural differences and how diversity drives success. At the end of her internship, Martha commented, “the week spent with Mandarin Consulting has taught me, above all else, about the responsibility of the individual, to oneself and the company, in the working environment. For the most effective work, every team member has to (and here, does) have a sense of this, but also a sense of shared goals and growth. I also learnt a lot of Chinese but how could you not in a company that bridges the cross-cultural divide as much as Mandarin Consulting does!”

Mandarin Consulting announced their commitment to support Christ’s Hospital in 2018, one of the world’s top boarding schools in the UK, providing life-changing opportunities for young people of all backgrounds.

For more information, please visit https://www.mciworldwide.co.uk


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